The Future of History

This March, you will be able to experience the Alamo’s iconic battleground through an augmented and virtual reality app. The historic battlefield, now located in the center of downtown San Antonio, will be transformed into what it looked like before, during and after the famous 1836 battle.

The app will be free and available to download on both iOS and Android devices. Premium level content including more augmented reality scenes, videos, and stories,  may be accessed for only $4.99.

Travel Through Time

 Walk through portal openings and step into history.

You will be able to step into the room where Jim Bowie died and witness his last moments on the exact place where it happened.

You can also trek around the Alamo courtyard as it existed in 1836; or use the augmented reality elevator to rise above it all and view the battle sequences from a bird’s eye view.

People Are the Heart of the Story

Connect emotionally with historically accurate characters.

Listen to the stories from Texan, Mexican and Native Indian perspectives with modern-day and newly discovered information and artifacts.

We feature these diverse viewpoints to lend an important voice to the story throughout the Experience Real History: Alamo Edition.

The emotion and drama of their lives, and—for many—their tragic deaths, are in sharp focus.

Historically Accurate. Painstakingly Researched. Meticulously Rendered.

Amazing reality requires painstaking attention to detail. We started with an accurate drawing of the Alamo and built on it—literally raising the Alamo from the historical blueprint.

Recreating actual views that haven’t been seen since 1836 requires intensive historical research. Our team includes Dr. Stephen Hardin, and artist Gary Zaboly: two of the most respected Alamo historians.

That is why we consider this project the first Augmented Reality Alamo Textbook.

Expand Your Learning

 Exciting Educational Features

With the Full App you can explore the Alamo to see hidden stories and other information not available in any other format.

  • Capture items in the Scavenger Hunt and keep them in your onscreen Satchel. 
  • See the bios of all the defenders
  • See bios of the Mexican officers
  • See additional stories about each location
  • See the Time Machine view of San Antonio and the Alamo over the past 300 years.

A number of innovative complementary products are also in development such as an interactive reality board and trading cards that will also use AR/VR technologies.

Break-Through Technology

No matter how close you get, photo-realistic textures will bring the Alamo to life.
This innovative method of applying textures to a 3-D model on a mobile platform – at 4K resolution – provides both speed and super realism.

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